Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Training Day 1

The Australian MTBO team started their first day of the five day lead up to the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships off by visiting the bike shop. Ian and Tom had to get a spoke replaced in their back wheels after snapping in the Hungarian Middle Distance Championships. The wheels were both repaired but with slightly different spoke replacements. Joining the team today was Melanie Simpson landing in before mid-day and making it to our accommodation safely.

Training was at the doorstep of the team’s accommodation being situated right in the middle of the training map. The Hungarian organizer had kindly set a course and placed controls out in the forest for teams to train with.

The exercise for the map was to go around with a partner and take two different routes to the control and see who got their first. A few of the riders losing a bit of map contact, due to a lot of unmarked walking tracks and having too much fun descending the side of the mountain. Some had more trouble than others with Marc retiring early on in the course after losing map contact and saving his energy on the hills for more of the training to come.

In the evening after dinner the team had a quick debrief of the day. Then finding a different partner the riders had to talk about their route choice and how they rode them. What sort of mapping technicalities they picked up while riding out on the trails. 
Heath and Ian enjoying the trails

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