Monday, 13 August 2012

Hungarian Relay

The second day of the Hungarian Championships was a two-man relay consisting of four courses that the riders had to complete between the two of them. Each course was estimated to be roughly 10km long with 25 to 30 minute winning times. The race began with a Le Mans start. Chris reached  his bike first and was second out on the course.

Ricky and Chris placed best out of the Australians finishing 8th overall. Both Chris and Ricky said they had fairly clean rides. Steve and Oscar placing 11th. Steve had the fastest time on his second course out of everyone, without even winning a single split. Ian and Mr. Arkhipov the Russian placed 12th behind Steve and Oscar. Heath and Karl taking out 15th, both having better and cleaner rides then the previous day. Tom and Mark coming in just behind in 16th spot.

Everyone found today much easier with a smaller scale map and having had ridden on the map from the previous day. The course took the riders up into the northern area of the map before turning them back around to take them past the spectator control and out to their short last loop at the bottom of the out of bounds army grounds. A few close calls were to be had on the busy trails and especially with a few riders not sticking to their right hand side of the track.

Everyone was pretty relieved not having to race the next day after the short intense races, but are ready and eager to dive into training on the Hungarian maps.

Links to the relay results and maps can be found here

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